Service & Outreach

Emerging at the intersections of my research, public-facing scholarship, teaching, and mentorship goals, my commitment to community organizing, professional service, and public outreach reflects my dedication to community-minded citizenship, inside and outside of academia.

As Network Representative for the Social Science History Association (SSHA)’s Migration/Immigration Network, I encouraged and fostered the growth of multi-disciplinary sessions focused on theorizing borders; migration and citizenship; race, immigration, and historical memory; critical adoption studies; refugee movements, rights, and welfare; family, transnationalism, and community; childhood and migration; and many other generative thematics. While at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, I actively participated in the Department of History’s recruitment and professionalization endeavors, supported the interdisciplinary Legal History Workshop and Childhood Studies Initiative, volunteered at local conferences such as Queer Motions and the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, and represented the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) at public engagements in the Minnesota State Capitol and Mall of America.

In addition, as a parent and engaged citizen, when an anti-Asian hate incident spiked in my family’s local community and school district, I helped to found the Edina Asian Amercan Alliance (EAAA), an intergenerational, grassroots coalition of students, parents, and community members allied in deep commitment to our Asian and Asian American youth in Edina Public Schools (EPS) and the broader Edina community. I remain a steadfast community leader in our mission toward combating anti-Asian prejudice and racism, advocating for equity and inclusion, and promoting social justice in Edina.

Professional Memberships